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Brocair Partners Publishes New Research Report
10th May 2010

Brocair Partners LLC, an investment banking firm serving the healthcare industry, is delighted to announce the publication of its latest research report. The focus of the report is the behavioral and mental health services industry. The full report is available on Brocair Partners' website.

The report covers two similar markets, each of which has some distinct characteristics. The first market is Mental Health and Substance Abuse services; the second is Mental Disability services. We have chosen to incorporate both in this research piece due to their similarities, and because firms frequently compete in both areas. In both markets, there is high participation by government and non-profit service providers.
The mental health and substance abuse industry is growing in response to both an increased awareness of the diseases, along with a growing de-stigmatization of treatment. It is estimated that in 2010 the industry will generate roughly $11.9 billion in revenue, which will be a 6.4% increase over 2009. Over the next five years, industry revenue is forecasted to grow by 4.1% annually with revenue in 2015 projected between $14.0 and $15.0 billion.

The mental disability services industry mostly comprises group homes, hospitals, and outpatient care facilities for the mentally handicapped and for patients with autism spectrum disorders. The mental retardation component of this market alone is estimated to generate $20.2 billion of revenue annually, and is expected to grow 3% annually.

The Brocair Partners report contains a matrix of companies by patient populations served and method of care delivery, an overview of some participants in the industry, short company profiles of selected companies, a market and valuation analysis, an overview of recent corporate transactions, and the five-year equity performance of a synthetic index of public behavior and mental health service companies versus the broad market.

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