FirePower Capital

FirePower Capital is the private capital and M&A advisory firm built for Canada’s entrepreneurs. Its team of 30+ deal professionals helps their mid-market businesses complete mission-critical transactions by advising them or investing in their companies directly.

FirePower Capital Offices


47 Front Street East, Suite 200

Toronto, Ontario

Canada, M5E 1B3


1275 Avenue des Canadiens-de-Montréal

Montréal, Quebec

Canada, H3B 0G4

Deals by FirePower Capital



Ilan Jacobson

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Founding Partner and CEO

Sebastien Douville

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Alan Chettiar

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Partner, M&A Advisory

Kenan Dizdarevic

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Somant Maraj

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Bhavin Parmar

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Cameron Vernest

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Partner, Origination and Partnerships

Kimberly Dy

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Operations & Talent Lead

Rieshdah Gabier

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Vice President, Revenue Generation and Growth

Jonathan Lehun

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Xinyi Tang

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Harpreet Singh

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Associate Manager

Daniel Cubric

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Amir Larjani

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Alexander Labocha

Senior Analyst, M&A

David Koleski

Jonathan Levy

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Moritz Christ

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Julio Balkowski

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Ozkan Balci

Jabari Butler

Simon Keller

Vice President, Revenue Generation and Growth

Logan Coughlin-O’Brien

FirePower Capital is the exclusive Canadian partner of Mergers Alliance