Mats Ekelund


+46 768978000

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Sector Specialties

Industrials | TMT


Mats is a combination of a management consultant and a corporate finance person. He has spent 30 years in among automotive, energy and fleet owners in the area of moving new products to market and finding parties that need each other.


Automotive - OEM, spare parts, after market
Industry & mechanics
Transport sector - logistics, bus, taxi, fleet operators
Fuels & Energy - sustainability, geothermal
Information Policy (not IT)


MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics, (peak in Environmental Economics)
LondonBusiness school (management & analyses)
Officer, Contractor and CIO
Own Management Consulting firm since 1990
Joined Experia in 2015 after cooperating in projects since 2000

Languages Spoken

Scandinavian, English, German (previously Spanish & Russian)

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