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Energy & Sustainability | Business Services


Rainer Wieser is Founding Partner of Proventis, which he initiated 2001 in Munich together with his partner Jan Poerschmann.
Since then he advised and closed successfully more than 50 transactions with a cumulated transaction volume of above EUR 150m.
His special expertise lies in M&A and Corporate Finance transactions within the industries energy, natural resources and language service provider; he is an expert in the field of buy side transactions.

Beside his industrial contacts, Rainer has built a profound network to European Private Equity and Venture Capital funds as well as to debt, equity and mezzanine financing partners. He also has a profound knowledge in alternative investments.


Prior to starting Proventis, Rainer was Investment Manager of a bank-owned Venture Capital fund, herein he signed responsible for the selection and supervision of 5 portfolio companies.
After having worked for Deutsche Bahn for 14 years, Rainer did his A-levels on the second educational channel where he successfully graduated as top of the school. Funded by two scholarships, Rainer completes his studies of economics and graduated with honors.

Studies of economics with special focus on accounting/controlling and tax at the University of Applied Sciences Munich. Semester abroad at the UCLA, Los Angeles, USA

Languages Spoken

German, English

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