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Sector Specialties

Business Services | Consumer Products | Industrials


As part of Hamburg's Proventis Partners team, Timo Stahlbuhk leads M&A projects on sell- and buy-side. He played a key role in transactions, in particular in the business services, industrials and consumer goods sectors. Latest sell-side projects include the sale of Kolle Rebbe to Accenture (Business Services - Leading marketing agency in Germany); the sale of Reha Team Bayreuth to Sana Kliniken (Healthcare/Consumer Retail - Medical supply chain in Germany) and SMB GmbH to Signode (Industrials - leading strapping (end-of-line packaging) machine producer). On buy-side projects, he is currently engaged in several long-term buy-and-build projects for PEs and industrial holdings in the business services and industrial space.


Timo Stahlbuhk joined the Proventis Partners team as an analyst after completing his studies at the University of Hamburg and Dundee Business School in 2010. In 2012, he left to graduate as an MSc from Skema Business School in France and subsequently joining UniCredit in Munich and Jalmud Associates in UAE, where he strengthened his know-how and international network. Since 2014 he has been part of Proventis Partners again in Hamburg as Senior Associate and since 2019 as Director.

Languages Spoken

German, English

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