Dresner Partners (USA) celebrates its 30th Anniversary

Steven Dresner, President and Founder, sits down with Crain’s Chicago Business reporter, Lee Murphy, sizing up the landscape for small and midsize firms today and talks about opportunities, the psychology of dealmaking and how to know when the time is right to sell.

“The middle-market investment banking advisory firm Dresner Partners turns 30 this year, at a time that privately owned firms in interesting corporate niches are in hot demand, both from investment bankers and potential acquirers.The founder and president, Steven M. Dresner, 63, is still in the office most days, overseeing a staff of 30 employees spread around the country, with about half working in Chicago. A native of New Jersey with a finance degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania as well as an MBA from the University of Chicago, Dresner worked in international banking at the old First National Bank of Chicago before serving tours with G.E. Capital, Heller Financial and Arthur Andersen.” 

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