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Proventis Partners is a partner-led M&A advisory firm whose clients are mainly medium-sized family-owned companies, corporate groups as well as private equity funds. With more than 30 M&A advisors, Proventis Partners is one of the leading independent M&A advisory firms in the German-speaking region and looks back on more than 20 years of M&A experience and over 430 completed transactions. With offices in Frankfurt, Hamburg and Zurich, Proventis Partners is active across various sectors, including Industrials, Chemicals & Materials, Business Services, Technology & Media, Consumer & Retail and Healthcare. The exclusive membership in the Mergers Alliance - an international partnership of leading M&A specialists - enables Proventis Partners to support clients in 30 countries in the most important markets worldwide. The Mergers Alliance members with their more than 250 M&A professionals provide Proventis Partners and thus its clients with unique access to local markets in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia and Africa.

Proventis Partners Offices


Bockenheimer Anlage 46

60322 Frankfurt



Grosse Johannisstrasse 19

20457 Hamburg



Feldeggstrasse 58

8008 Zurich


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Christoph Ulrich

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Wilderich Mueller-Wodarg

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Cedric Mutz

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Jost Hartmann

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Dr. Christoph Studinka

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Managing Partner

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Managing Partner

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Associate Partner

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Dr. Uwe Nickel

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Managing Partner

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Partner - Chemiclas sector

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Proventis Partners is the exclusive German partner of Mergers Alliance