Successful Spanish advisory firm with over 50 years experience. Multi-discipline team of more than 80 professionals who work in close collaboration with their clients in search of excellent results. High level of involvement and commitment to clients over which include family businesses and multinationals. Their success includes understanding each case in detail, performing clear, objective analyses and providing creative, all-round solutions.

Norgestion Offices


Avda. Diagonal, 618 - 5º

08021 Barcelona,



Gran Via, 29

48009 Bilbao,



Velázquez, 55

28001 Madrid,


San Sebastian

Avenida de la Libertad, 17

20004 San Sebastian,



Paseo de las Delicias, 3

41001 Sevilla



Berroa, 4 - Oficina 419

31192 Tajonar (Pamplona


Deals by Norgestion



Javier Oderiz

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Jorge Sirodey

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Pedro Pich

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Ines Darpont

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Julen Fernandez

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Guillem Argente

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Alex Eguren

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David Rodríguez Rocadembosch

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Director Barcelona Office

Jose Antonio Barrena

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Managing Director

Maarten De Jongh

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Igor Gorostiaga

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Managing Partner

Mario Senra, CFA

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Luis Molowny

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Luis Lizarraga

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Oscar Sanchez

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Managing Partner

Bruno Ruiz Arrue

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Patxi Mendizabal

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Marketing Manager

Fernando Fernandez de Santaella

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Managing Partner

Iñigo Garmendia

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Edith Astudillo

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Galder Lecue

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Marian Gutierrez

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Cesar Garcia

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Beatriz Ibarrondo

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Fernando Belda

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Eduardo Gutierrez Bravo

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Marta Vera

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German Ramon-Cortes

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Ignacio Tellaeche

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Junior Analyst

Rafael Salido

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Jose Manuel Vidal

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Borja Cortes

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Javier Calavera

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Hugo Ruiz de la Cueva

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Paola Piccirillo

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