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ICP Fertilizer is one of the leading fertilizer player in Thailand with over 350,000 tons per year of production capacity. It produces,sells, and distributes various fertilizer product throughout the country. With over 40 years experience, the company has been and continues to be a major contributor to Agriculture sector in Thailand.

Deal Summary

Khronos Advisory assisted ICP fertilizer on the acquisition of Ladda Group (Thailand)

Ladda Group is one of the leaders in Thai Agrochemical sector. The business generates sales of around USD24 mn.

ICP Fertilizer was looking to acquire a sizeble local agrochemical company to strengthen its presence in the industry. Ladda Group fits perfectly as it is a local leader of agrochemical products which synergize well with ICP's products. Aside from directly increasing the revenue, ICP will be able to cross-sale its products with Ladda's client base. The acquisition is truly a milestone for ICP as it broadens the product base and reinforce its position in the market.

Value Added to the Project

Khronos has a good business relationship with ICP and actively supported its acquisition of Ladda. The transaction demonstrates our experience and expertise to execute a bilateral, off-market acquisition. We were able to identify the mutual strategic benefit to help closing the deal effectively.

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