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Energy & Sustainability | Consumer | Healthcare | Industrials


PhD in Organic Chemistry and Pharmacology
IMD Lausanne & INSEAD Paris


More than 33 years operational experience in the Chemical, Agrochemical and Pharmacetical (API) sector in stock listed and PE held companies:
Experience in running Production and Technology units
Operational Restructuring and OPEX on a global basis (plant restructuring, site consolidation)
R&D and Innovation Management - New Business Development
Organizational Development and change management in multinational enterprises
Strategy development and implementation for large and midsize companies and governmental organisations

Carve outs of midsize companies from Corporate Enterprises
Buy and built Experience of midsize companies (approx. 180 m€ to 750 m€)
Acquisitions of midsize companies and there integration (Europe, US)
JV foundations and supervision (China, S- Korea)


1986-1996 - midsize chemical company CASSELLA AG, Germany : started as a chemist in R&D, held several positions in Production and Corporate in charge of pharma, and detergents and intermediates.
1996-1997 - world leading chemical company Hoechst AG, Germany: in charge of Business Process Excellence in one key division of the group
1997-2008 - one of the largest specialty chemicals companies CLARIANT Int., Switzerland: in charge of Pigments and Additives and some group improvement projects. Member of the Board since 2003
2008-2011 - Arthur D. Little consulting, Switzerland/Germany: in charge of chemicals and agro projects.
2011-2019 CEO of HCS Group, Germany
2020- joined Proventis Partners AG, Switzerland
2017- today: several Board mandates in chemical and engineering companies in Europe and North America.

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