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Sector Specialties

Energy & Sustainability | Industrials


Graduate in economics and business, University of the Basque country (PR. 1997) and insurance actuary (PR. 1998).
He is Board Member of Mergers Alliance, international Corporate Finance firm, in which NORGESTION is the founding partner.


With over 20 years of professional experience in Corporate Finance, he focuses its activity mainly to Mergers, Sales and Acquisitions of companies, having acted as adviser in more than 35 operations closed in several sectors. He has developed its activity for companies in sectors like automotive, power distribution and generation, and industrial manufacturing equipment in general. His experience also encompasses activities as the lead strategic thinking processes, carry out valuations of companies, participate in various boards and steering committees...


He began his career at ARTHUR ANDERSEN as head of teams for industrial and energy sector companies. He joined the Corporate Finance NORGESTION in 2001.
He has been involved in Cross Border M&A in the last 15 years,

Languages Spoken

English, Spanish and Basque

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