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Joost Smaal


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Sector Specialties

Construction & Building Products | Consumer | Industrials | TMT


Joost is a partner at OXEYE Advisors and his expertise lies in cross-border M&A transactions, with a focus on transactions in the Industrials sector and in the Consumer sector. His network in the Benelux is much broader and not limited to any specific sector. In his career, Joost has worked with most PE firms that are active in the Benelux. He has also completed a broad variety of public offers and corporate M&A transactions, ranging from complex carve-outs to competitive auctions: sell-side and buy-side.


Cross-border M&A transactions, with a focus on transactions in the Industrials sector and in the Consumer sector, ranging from manufacturing and trading of capital goods and branded products to building products, automotive parts, packaging, HVAC, industrial services, and more. Joost has specific expertise in public offers and leveraged buyouts.


Joost started his career in 2001 at the M&A team of NIBC, where he advised clients on cross-border transactions in a variety of sectors. In 2007 he joined MeesPierson Corporate Finance & Capital Markets, where he focused on M&A transactions in the Industrials sector. After the merger with ABN AMRO, Joost remained responsible for Industrial M&A transactions. In 2016 Joost started as partner at OXEYE Advisors. Joost holds a master's degree in Business Economics from the University of Amsterdam.

Languages Spoken

Dutch, English

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