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Luis, who is the Chief Executive (CEO) of Norgestion, has gained a broad experience in Strategic and Corporate Finance Advise for over 25 years.


Luis joined NORGESTION in 1988 as Deputy General Manager and later became the Managing Director of the company. He sits on the Boards of Directors and takes part in the Management Committees of various companies in different sectors. Is cofounder of Mergers Alliance, a multinational company incorporated by NORGESTION and devoted to Corporate Finance. In January 2009, he was appointed Chairman of Norgestion.


Graduate in Economics and Business Studies, Universidad Comercial de Deusto (Pr. 1984). Postgraduate in Business & Economics, Kingston Polytechnic, United Kingdom. Professional activities at ARTHUR YOUNG as Manager of the Consultancy Department in Madrid from the beginning of 1985 to the end of 1988.

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English, Spanish and French

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