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Automotive and Ground Transportation | Industrials


Mahesh Singhi is the Managing Partner of Singhi Advisors, having started the business 1989. Mahesh also sits on the board of Mergers Alliance.


Mahesh Singhi is the Managing Partner of Singhi Advisors. He has a long track record of M&A; Private Equity Placements; India Entry Strategy; Corporate Restructuring; Debt Syndication and Business Consulting Services


Mahesh is a mechanical engineer and a member of FICCI, AIAI, IFA, and Institute of Chartered Engineers. He began his career as a project engineer with leading business groups and turned enterpremeur to promote Singhi Advisor Pvt Ltd. Steered Singhi Advisors from a start up venture to one of the leading full services mid market Investment Bankimg boutique firms in India. He has worked with a number of India's largest corporates, including; Mahindra Group, Aditya Birla Group, Ravin Cables, EMCO Transformers, Jumbo Group, Bharti Airtel Group, Allied Digital, CMS and Ruchi Soya Group.

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