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With over 25 years of professional experience, she stands out for her global vision of the business and her ability to make strategic decisions, combining her ability to motivate and energize working teams, with a results-driven orientation. In 2017, she joined the Corporate Finance team of NORGESTION, focused on Navarra.


With an extensive professional experience as part of several executive management teams in some public and private entities, she held senior positions in Ernst & Young, auditor and senior consultant between 1993 and 1997; Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Navarra, as general manager from 1999 to 2011; Government of Navarra, Health Minister from 2011 to 2015; and Orama Consultores SLP, Managing Partner in 2016. Marta has also developed her professional career as president and member of different board of directors and steering committees.

Degree in Economics from Universidad de Navarra – Pamplona (Pr. 1993) and chartered accountant registered in the ROAC (1996). Master in General Management Program by IESE in Pamplona (2005), She has followed a Leading Strategic Growth and Change program in New York – Columbia Business School (2010) and company valuation by Universidad Politécnica – Madrid (2015).

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Spanish, English

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Guillermo Irarrázaval

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Corporate Finance Director

Daniel Bütikofer

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Manfredi Bini Smaghi

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Cristobal Verdugo

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Jaime Saenz Franco

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Samuel DiSalvo

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Managing Director

Thomas van de Wolfshaar

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Hans Huiskes

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Guy Jansbergen

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Stefano Buffoni

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Lorenzo Vannozzi

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Cristian Cingari

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Jacopo De Maio

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Giacomo Guidi

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Guglielmo Spotorno

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Edward Williamson

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James Gammill

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Giovanni DI Battista

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Christopher Craemer

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Vinicius Diaz

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Managing Director

Javier Oderiz

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Ljudevit Stantic

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Satish Yanmandra

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Deepak Ladha

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Pankaj Wahi

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Sarita Choudhary

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Marketing and HR

Dominique Houde

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Morris Laemmerhirt

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Matheus Avila Canivello

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Christoph Ulrich

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Abhirupa Saha

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Wilderich Mueller-Wodarg

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Filip Dzanko

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Dino Durrigl

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Vid Zadro

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Senior Analyst

Ana Lerotic

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Jason Dresner

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Kathleen Peterson

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Rafael Jansen

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Patricia Tavares

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Renato Lopes

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Matias Mackenna

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Giuseppe Di Tommaso

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Andres Jaureguy

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Tonci Korunic

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Matko Maravic

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Ivan Kovacev

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Andrej Erjavec

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Jorge Sirodey

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Nuttaporn Norakim

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Michael McCauley

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Pedro Pich

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Stephen Tardio

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Managing Director

Michael Gerrard Jr.

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Debbie Porres

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William Koenig

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Managing Director

Jonathan Levy

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Vasco Freitas

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Jabari Butler

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Logan Coughlin-O’Brien

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Javad Ghoreichi

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Managing Director

Ines Darpont

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Julen Fernandez

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Guillem Argente

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Mukhtarr Darboe

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Elisa Rovetta

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Business Development

Ethan Hughes

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Ed Batchelor

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Bo Holmström

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Senior Advisor

Cedric Mutz

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Amir Zafar

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Flavian Gmuender

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Alex Eguren

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David Rodríguez Rocadembosch

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Director Barcelona Office

Jussi Reijonen

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Associate Director

Armen Avedissian

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Managing Director

Mark Chambers

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Managing Director

Tyler Williams

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Shreya Mehta

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André Tasch

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Nicole Montañez

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Stefano Parodi

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Alonso Padilla

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Martina Vianson

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Business Development & Strategy Manager

Adam Nowicki

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Director Generalist

Alexis Vieira

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Tassilo Pilars de Pilar

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Stefano Pastore

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Michael Gerrard

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Managing Director

Hakan Persson

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Managing Partner

Michael Harvey

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Managing Director

Jose Antonio Barrena

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Managing Director

Leonardo Antunes

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Managing Director

Maarten De Jongh

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Igor Gorostiaga

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Managing Partner

Mario Senra, CFA

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Luis Molowny

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Mahesh Singhi

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Managing Director - Partner

Fausto Rinallo

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Giorgio Carere

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Cosimo Vitola

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Managing Partner

Luis Lizarraga

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Jacek Lewandowski

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Oscar Sanchez

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Managing Partner

Bruno Ruiz Arrue

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Mariusz Piskorski

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Noah Kessler

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Managing Director

Deepak Ramani

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Marcin Bańkowski

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Izabela Studzińska

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Fredrik Lonnqvist

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PS Malik

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Patxi Mendizabal

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Marketing Manager

Ajoy Lodha

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Sreeraj Krishnamoorthy

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Vice President

Chayot Vitayanonektavee

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Iñigo Garmendia

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Phetmanee Tantipana

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Sapna Seth

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Marcos Quiroz

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Bratzo Torres

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Wojciech Baran, CFA

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Edith Astudillo

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Galder Lecue

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Daniel Silveira

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Managing Director

Konrad Chabasiński

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Dariusz Giej

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Mats Ekelund

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Senior Advisor

Marian Gutierrez

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Roberto Ture

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Bruno Passos

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Jaroslaw Blaszczak

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Alejandro Puentes

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Tomas Müller

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Partner Corporate Finance

Ignacio Riva Posse

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Vice president Corporate Finance

Jorge Tagle

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Partner Corporate Finance

Cesar Garcia

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Beatriz Ibarrondo

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Alessandro Conte

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Juan Carlos Parra

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Vice president Corporate Finance

Fernando Belda

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John McElroy

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Nigel McNelly

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Richard Morse

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Stuart Schofield

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Malcolm Strang

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Senior Advisor

Michael Mizon

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Juho Nuutila

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Mika Vauhkonen

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Niklas Viitanen

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Eduardo Gutierrez Bravo

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Marta Vera

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Daniel Frijns

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Joost Smaal

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Ashok Panjwani

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Jean-Rene Griton

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Raphael Brenier

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Stoyan Kostadinov

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Partner, Secretary-General

Christine de Briganti

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Colin Christie

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Seb Elbertsen

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Nicoletta Rabiolo

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Clifford Halvorsen

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Senior Advisor - Consumer

Sunil Pahilajani

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Jost Hartmann

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Steve Dresner

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Brian Schofield

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Senior Vice President

Dr. Christoph Studinka

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Steve Mullin

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Director of Marketing and Business Development

Paul Hoffman

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Managing Director

Mitchell Stern

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Managing Director - Head of Healthcare

David Gutierrez

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Head of PR and Corporate Development

Miriam Dresner

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Vice President

Ulrich Schneider

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Managing Partner

Torben Gottschau

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Managing Partner

Dr. Axel Deich

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Associate Partner

John Juergens

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Thalia Ilsen Nunn

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Ejaz Elahi

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Managing Director

Konrad Zawisza

Konrad Zawisza's avatar

Managing Director

Giovanni Berlingieri

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Business Development & Strategy Manager

Bill Sautter

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Managing Director

Pedro Mello

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Christopher Kampe

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Managing Director

Elias Seck

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Chris Carlisle

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Adrian Haxby

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German Ramon-Cortes

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Juan Dib

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Mirek Kawulok

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Ignacio Tellaeche

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Junior Analyst

Keisuke Saito

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Managing Director

Christopher Nolan

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Managing Director

Christian Vandendriessche

Christian Vandendriessche's avatar

Managing Director

Artur Maibach

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Dr. Uwe Nickel

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Managing Partner

Stephen Parker

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Senior Advisor - Healthcare

Daniel Barley

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Brian Ytterberg

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Managing Director & COO

Pierre Gohon

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Filippo Salvetti

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Head of Financial Sponsors Coverage

Iain Clarke

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Investment Management

Peter Bremhorst

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Rafael Salido

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Tom Rahman

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Beatrice Serina

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Business Developement & Strategy Analyst

Ogino Akihiro

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Julius Telaranta

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Ankur Gupta

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Maria Jose Illanes

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Dilesh Patel

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Jan- Philipp Pfander

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Partner - Chemiclas sector

Nicoletta Conti

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Business Development

Samuel Kruse

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Nicholas Coomer

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Jose Manuel Vidal

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Borja Cortes

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Joel Montminy

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President & CEO

Les Allan

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Managing Director & COO

William Koening

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Managing Director

Steve Laver

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Managing Director

Joe Bratter

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Managing Director

Adnan Iqbal

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Managing Director

Steven On

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Benjamin Bernal

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Vice President

Anthony Varisano

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Senior Associate

Riccardo Zamparini

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Roberto Bonacina

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Luis Camarena

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Managing Director

Safoa Amadi

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Luca Mastrangelo

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Jan Wetter

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Chayut Sorosrungruang

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Javier Calavera

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Roberto Liguori

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Simona Griniute

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Frances Davies

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Senior Advisor

Jonathan Tiernan

Karim Ouabdellah

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Leonhard Austmann

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Raymundo Aguilar

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Ritesh Regulapati

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Himanshu Parmar

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James Jin

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Hugo Ruiz de la Cueva

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Paola Piccirillo

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Cristián Eyzaguirre

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Paul Townend

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Satyaroop Panigrahi

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Aleksy Halla

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Matthew Jones

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Managing Director

Kaius Telaranta

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Bishnu Shankar Rai

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Advisor Automotive

Arthur Mangion

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Harsh Roliya

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María Luz Armando

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Anja Burian

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Office and Marketing Manager

Leon Holtmann

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