Ethica Group M&A Advisory team (Italy) advised GioiaPura, the main Italian online jeweler, on its sale to Gens Aurea

Ethica Group M&A Advisory Team, Mergers Alliance partner in Italy, advised GioiaPura, the main Italian online jeweler, on the sale to Gens Aurea, a leading company in the sector of trading of gold, silver and precious stones and a professional gold operator registered in the list kept by the Bank of Italy.

Founded in 2001, GioiaPura quickly became the leading jewelry store in Italy for online purchases and today has over 20 million visits a year on its site, with a base of around 700 thousand Italian and foreign customers. GioiaPura is also present in northern Italy with 4 physical stores. The brand’s strong point is the availability of the best brands on the market, with a wide choice of gold and silver jewelry and watches that respond to a variety of styles and budgets. In 2023 GioiaPura was recognized as the first non-brand operator on the market as well as number 3 in the jewelry and watches sector ranking.

“We are enthusiastic about the acquisition of GioiaPura, a solid Italian company with which we share important synergies that will allow us to improve the offer to the final customer. The deal will allow us to become the first player in the e-commerce jewelry sector. For Gioia Pura we expect an increase in revenues of 50% and an increase in gross profitability of around 2 million in a three-year period 2025 -2027″ – comments Gens Aurea CEO, Fabio Godano.

“Today is the happy result of a long growth journey. Our Italian know-how and all the work of the last 23 years will continue with a new ownership whose vision and growth plans I share” – says Davide Franco, GioiaPura.