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USA Group is a precision machinign company for Value Added products in brass and steel.
Sectors the company works: automotive electric e-bike bicycle machining precision steel.
With manufacturing sites in Spain and sales worldwide.

Deal Summary

Acquisition of Talleres M Serrano, 100%, by USA Group as part of the build-up process launched with the entry of Portobello.

This deal enables to reinforce the presence of USA Group among the e bike segment being one of the few players with access to that markets in Europe.

Value Added to the Project

Above all, we would like to highlight the great work of the salesperson in the USA project. Adaptation and identification of the seller's needs so that despite the fact that during the process seller told serveral times did not want to continue, finally agreed to the sale.

Deal Contacts

Igor Gorostiaga

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Managing Partner

Beatriz Ibarrondo

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