Ethica Group M&A Advisory team (Italy), advised Pasquale Lambardi, majority shareholder and managing director of Relatech, in the sale of all his shares to Gemini BidCo S.r.l.

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Subject to the completion of the acquisition of the majority shareholding – held directly and indirectly by Pasquale Lambardi – Bregal, through Gemini BidCo, will promote a mandatory takeover bid on the remaining outstanding shares of Relatech, aimed at the delisting. Pasquale Lambardi will reinvest a minority stake in Relatech and will remain at the helm of the industrial project.

Relatech, a leading company for digital solutions and a pioneer in the IT sector, today operates in the field of digital transformation, industrial automation and IT security, having consistently dealt with Cloud, IoT, Cybersecurity and Big Data for over 20 years. In today’s world, transformed by generative AI, Relatech’s role proves to be increasingly crucial, proposing itself as an expert and reliable guide for the Sustainable Digital Transformation of companies, at a national and international level, offering a complete end-to-end solution , modular and flexible, which integrates the most advanced frontier technologies and responds to market needs.

Gemini BidCo S.r.l., a vehicle indirectly controlled by the Bregal Unternehmerkapital funds , Europe’s leading investment firm, with offices in Zug, Munich and Milan, with €7 billion in capital raised to date.