NORGESTION, Mergers Alliance partner in Spain, has appointed José Antonio Barrena, former Managing Director, as the new Chairman of the company

This appointment endorses the continuity of a successful management model, started more than 50 years ago and reflects the commitment of all the partners of the firm with a partnership of professionals in constant evolution, in which the natural replacement of its management is part of its essence.

José Antonio Barrena has a degree in Economics and Business Sciences from the University of Deusto, ESTE. He began his professional career at BANCO BILBAO VIZCAYA S.A and joined the Consulting and Corporate Finance department of NORGESTION at the beginning of 2000. In 2011 he was appointed Managing Director

He has extensive experience as an advisor in corporate operations in different sectors (automotive, capital goods, machine tools, telecommunications, IT, food,…), as well as in capital markets (BME Growth and MARF) . Likewise, NORGESTION’s new chairman participates in various Boards of Directors, Management Committees, and Investment Committees.

Luis Lizarraga, former Chairman of the company, joined NORGESTION in 1988 and, for almost 36 years, has promoted the development of the firm with the opening of offices in Bilbao, Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and Pamplona. Luis played an essential role in the foundation of Mergers Alliance and has always been a key person within the partnership. Under his leadership NORGESTION became the leading independent firm in Corporate Finance advisory in the Spanish Middle Market with a team of 100 professionals.

In accordance with the Succession Plan, it is now José Antonio Barrena who assumes the leadership of the “Third Generation” of NORGESTION after Jesús Ruíz de Alegría, its founder, and Luis Lizarraga, who will continue his collaboration and commitment with the firm.

José Antonio Barrena commented, “it is an honor and a great commitment to assume the presidency of NORGESTION and continue the great work developed by Luis Lizarraga throughout these years. Guided by our innovative spirit and our constant pursuit of excellency, we will continue to work together towards a prosperous and sustainable future for all our collaborators, clients and strategic partners.”

Luis Lizarraga, “We have grown thanks to a large group of professionals committed to our firm and clients. At NORGESTION the career path for people and talent remains open and leads wherever the each individual sets up the goals.”

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